• Jeanne and Georges du Hayot

    Founders of the spirit of du Hayot

    Arrières arrières grands-parents du Hayot
  • Marguerite and Bertrand du Hayot

    A tradition passed down from father to son

    Arrières grands-parents du Hayot
  • Henriette and Pierre du Hayot

    Les grands-parents du Hayot
  • Arlette and André du Hayot

  • Arlette and André du Hayot

    Arlette et André du Hayot
  • Catherine Boyer du Hayot

    carries on the family’s know-how today.

    Catherine Boyer du Hayot
  • Old Château Romer

    Acquired by Monsieur du Hayot in 1851.

    L'ancien Château Romer

Spirit of du Hayot

A tradition and know-how passed on over 5 generations

In 1851, the Hayot family succeded the Count of Myre-Mory and became the new owners of Château Romer, situated in Fargues.

In 1855, château Romer du Hayot was distinguished by the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification. It was awarded the rank of “second cru classé”.

The du Hayot family’s acquisition therefore dates back to the very origins of Sauternes: local lore has it that the very first wines of Sauternes were produced in the middle of the 19th century.

At the time, late harvest and successive pickings became widespread in the area. Many producers claimed paternity, but these new techniques seem to have been discovered by chance: in vino veritas…

In any case, a new legend was born: Sauternes, the wine of celebrations.

The du Hayot family has played an active part in that great adventure and still does today through its inheritors, Catherine and Fabienne du Hayot.